December Fly of the Month Coatal Angler Magazine Super Shrimp December 02 2015

The Fly of the Month for December in Coastal Angler Magazine

CJ's Super Shrimp in Tan and olive #2 Mustad Shrimp Hook

Brown Thread Flat waxed Nylon

Tan Craft Fur

Puglisi Shrimp Brush in Shrimp or tan

Crystal Flash or Flashabou Accent Tan and Gold

Deer Body Hair

Gold Hourglass Eyes Medium

Olive Pearl Estaz Petite.

Brown Sharpie

Mono Weed Guard

This is one of my favorite all time flies.  Can be fished year round and I have caught almost every species of fish in Saltwater and Freshwater on this fly and or this fly in various . We have this fly available at Mikes bait house and Indian Pass Outfitters in Naples. Also can get it on line here in Multiple color Combinations.  Check out the Magazine at



Great fun with Don Barber and the Fly of the Month November 11 2015

Lots of fun today with a great guy and his first Slam on the fly.  Took some doing but he came through in the end even if the tarpon was a little guy.  He had a lot of heart!

FLY OF THE MONTH Capt. Roan z November 01 2015

From Capt. Roan z at Mike's Baithouse


Rz's White Bait Fly


Materials list: 

1/0 Short Shank Wide Gap Hook. Ohero Bait Hook Preferred

White Thread Flat Waxed Nylon

7MM oval Eyes Gold Pearl or similar color

Orange Fluorobiber

White Extra Select Craft Fur

Senyo's UV Predator Wrap in Clear Pearl

Puglisi 3" Foxy Brush White Pearl or UV Pearl

Baitfish Emulator Flash

Choclatt's Body Wrap in White Pearl

Ice Dub Minnow Back in Pearl Olive UV Blue Back


Fly should be about 2 1/2 inch long when completed. Can be tied with or without Weed guard.



This fly pushes a lot of water because of the width of the head..  I like it for this time of the year when the passes and the Rip Rap and the docks are holding large numbers of Snook.  The water tends to be off colored and this fly pushes a lot of water when stripped. Everything will eat this fly.  If you want to see this fly in person or pick up a few come to Mike's bait House and Indian Pass Outfitters on Danford. 

Also a link on the Blog to and


Mid July Fishing in and around Naples and Marco is Hot so is the weather. July 16 2015

Fishing still continues to be strong in the Naples/Marco area. Good catches of Snook early in the morning and late in the evening. Mid-day is for napping. Redfish catches on fly have been okay in the back country waters. While searching for Redfish, you will find a few Snook of all size, mixed in with the Redfish. Johnson Bay has been very productive on lower water. There are still Tarpon on the flats south of Naples and Marco mostly on the low incoming water. Still catching them on small fly patterns.  Back Country Tarpon small ones are there but very spotty.  You have to look for them they are very scattered this year and could just about pop up anywhere. 

Off-shore fishing has been good for Grouper and Snapper at the 30+mile range. Large Mangrove Snapper and Yellow Tail have been on hard bottom and wrecks. Tournament Chum has been the key good catches of Yellow Tail. Catching white bait to add to the chum would be beneficial if you're not able to catch it, we have frozen white bait at the shop. ( Mike's Bait House and Indian Pass Outfitters) Permit fishing has been good in the evenings when you can get out except the last few days we have had off-shore winds.


Fishing forecast for next week: Coming into a good moon phase for all species both morning and evening fishing should be red hot. We should have a very good snapper bite in the evening time both inshore and near shore. White bait or shrimp should do the trick.



Goodluck and good catching!

July 6th Fishing Report for Naples and Marco July 06 2015

Well this is week two fishing report for the Naples and Marco Island area From Mike’s Bait House and Indian Pass Outfitters.


Hope all had a great Fourth of July.  The Fireworks were spectacular this year.  From the Neighborhood displays to the Naples City and Sugden Park show.  Great Job and a GREAT FOURTH.  Now what about the fishing.  This week has seen some up and down fishing.  The morning bite was good up to about 9 am then it slowed to a crawl on everything including Snook, Redfish, Snapper and Tarpon.  Still good numbers of Tarpon on the outside beaches and near the Passes.  I think they will be here most of this month.  Caught some on a very Small 1/0 Silver Kings Wing Fly. The Snook were feeding better in the late afternoon and evening due to the Full moon this past week.  This next week should see a morning bite increase.  Snapper were up and down but still good numbers on the near-shore wrecks and reefs.  The evening and night bite was awesome.  Redfish are still here but remain scattered.  We had a good day last week on Both Snook and Redfish using small white poppers and Wiggle minnows in the early morning on the Rip rap shore lines and for Redfish on the incoming tide under the mangroves.  Caught two nice Reds on a small CJ’s Super Shrimp in Green around the South end of Rookery Bay.  Snapper have been mixed in on the rip rap and we caught a couple of really large ones this week almost 15 inches on poppers.  They actually put up a good tussle when they get that size even on an eight weight.  They sure are good in the Pan also.  Snapper Sandwich.  This next week’s fishing should be very good in the morning and afternoon.  Small white flies both on top and under the water have still been your best bet.  White bait even though it is small this time of the year is also very good and will catch everything.  There are some good sized bait mixed in on the beach just have to look for it.  IF you want to fish artificial, stop by the shop and pick up our custom made Buck tail and synthetic jigs they are works of art and extremely durable.  See you at the shop on Danford next to Bayview Park.

Fishing Report for the New Naples Location on Danford Street Next to Bayview Park. June 30 2015

Naples and Marco Island Fishing Report for Monday June 29, 2015


Inshore fishing has been very good for Snook and Snapper around all the inside jetties and Rock Walls near or around all the Passes.  Live Shrimp and White bait has been the best baits, but a well-placed cast with a Top water Plug or Jig can work just as well.  There are also some scattered Redfish on the inside bays your best bet for these are a shrimp under a popping cork or white bait.  You will need to move around a little because they are not concentrated in any one area.  The beaches are still holding Snook for the Jig fisherman or the Fly Fisherman.  They are coming and going so you have to keep checking for them.  Scattered in with the beach Snook are some nice Seatrout and a few pompano.  For the Fly Fisherman.  Small White Baitfish Patterns are working well.  On the beach I like to use Bonefish type flies or very small Clouser minnows this time of the year.  We have a full selection of them at the shop on Danford.  We are tying there almost every day so come by and check us out.


Offshore Fishing this Week should be good.  Red Grouper catches have been abundant out past 20 miles and the I hear the Gag are moving in Just in Time For the season opener in July.  Capt Wes Bedell of On a Mission Fishin took out a group on Saturday and they tallied some extra-large kingfish Cudas and some Nice Snapper and Grouper all within 15 miles.  No Excuses boat traffic is slowing down so get out there and catch some.  Roan z.

 Come visit us at our new Location on Danford next to Next to Bayview Park.  Fly Tying station set up next to mine.  Roan z.

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