Teeny TS-Series Fly Line 250,350,450,550,650,750

$ 65.00

The TS-Series is a longer version of our original T-Series fly lines. Designed more for distance, this line has a 30 foot fast sinking head and 70 feet of floating line. Match your line size to your fly rod for a perfect balance. This line works well in both fresh and saltwater fishing. An East Coast favorite for stripers and bluefish. On the West Coast, a favorite line choice for salmon and steelhead.






Rod Size 6-8 Approx. 6 IPS


  • TS-350

    Rod Size 8-10 Approx. 7 IPS

  • TS-450

    Rod Size 8-12 Approx. 8 IPS

  • TS-550

    Rod Size 9-14 Approx. 9 IPS

  • TS-650

    Rod Size 9-15 Approx. 9.5 IPS

  • TS-750

    Rod Size 10-15 Approx. 10 IPS




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