Bonefish and Permit and RedFish Crab Fly Patterns Umpqua and Fly H20 Size 8,6,4,2 Multi Color

$ 3.95

Bonefish and Permit and Redfish and Sheepshead Crab Fly Patterns available.

GUS CRAB Sz 6 Replicates a Ghost Crab White in color Great Bonefish and can be used for small Permit on White Sand Bottom

Sand Crab Sz 6 Great Bonefish Crab can be used for small permit and Sheepshead White in color but has Tan in it.  Good Sandy Bottom fly

Natural Crab Sz 6 Great for Bonefish all over the world comes in a Tan and a Olive Also Excellent for tailing fish light weighted Excellent Sheepshead Fly

Furry Crab Sz 6 Great All Around small Crab Pattern Bonefish small Permit can be used anywhere Great Fly also good Sheepshead Fly

MC FLEA Sz 8Wow Great Bonefish Pattern All over.  One of my favorite Sheepshead Patterns land soft looks great.

Rag Head Crab Sz 4 One of the best all around Crab patterns ever.  Never go anywhere without Great Bonefish, Permit, Redfish Fly.  A must have

TIC Crab. Sz 8 for deeper water Great Bonefish and Permit Crab Great color for Darker Bottoms will catch Tailing Redfish and Sheepshead. 

Traditional MERKIN Sz 4 Another must have! will catch them all.  Excellent Fly all Species.

BonaFide Crab Tan Sz 4  Great All Around Crab Pattern Excellent Keys Permit and Bonefish.  Will work anywhere on Permit also has caught large Reds in North Florida

TJlan Crab SZ 2 Great Keys and Biscane Bay Bonefish and Permit Fly Lots of Sex and movement Awesome Redfish and Sheepshead Fly One of my favorites

MPS Crab Olive/Tan Color Sz 4 Excellent Fly for all that Swims.  I have caught Everything on this Fly even Snook and Tarpon It catches everywhere I never go with out!

Scampi Crab Olive or Tan Sz 4 This should never not be in the Box Great Bonefish and Permit but equally great for Redfish.  Another Fly the we have caught all species with all around the world.

Bubble Crab Sz 8 Looks funny but catches fish especially Bonefish.  They love it when they are tailing also one of my favorite Beach Sheepshead patterns.

HELIX CRAB Tan and Grey Sz 4 and Olive Sz 2 Excellent everything pattern.  Big Biscane bay Bonefish and Permit Redfish Tarpon, Snook, Caught them all with it.

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