Airflo Bass Musky Fly Line WF- Floating

$ 79.00

Warm-water fly fishing is generally a game of casting large, air resistant flies into tight spots. Designed by Pat Ehlers, (a man who makes his living fishing for bass, pike, and muskie) the new Airflo Ridge Bass/Muskie fly line offers a new level of accuracy, line control, and distance to the warm water angler.

The Airflo Ridge Bass/Muskie line features a compact head designed to load the rod quickly and to turn over big, nasty flies. It has welded loops on both ends for ease in attaching both leaders and backing and the line size is welded into the front loop for ease of identification. A color change in the line identifies the head length. The unique taper of the Ridge Bass/Muskie is designed to sustain line speed all the way through the cast, improving accuracy and lessening the effects of cross or head wind. The rear taper of the line has been designed to help stabilize the line on longer casts and a ridged construction reduces casting friction and also expands the range of temperatures in which the line will perform. The ridged construction also keeps the running line from tangling on the boat deck. This new family of warm water lines will make everyone who uses them into a more effective angler.

Core: Power Core
Taper: WF
MSRP: $79.99
Size: 6 through 10

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