Airflo Fly Line Ridge Tropical Floating Bonefish/Redfish

$ 79.00

To many fly anglers, tropical fly fishing is the grail of the sport. The hot humid air, crystal clear water and the immense variety of available fish make it every fly angler's wet-fly dream. The very same heat that makes it so appealing often makes it a difficult endeavor for fly fishing lines. Traditionally you need a stiffer coating material in order to withstand the heat--otherwise you end up casting sticky spaghetti. Often times, those stiffer coatings make the line feel like you're casting cable.

Enter Airflo's Ridge Tropical Saltwater lines.

Fast becoming a favorite of area guides, the Airflo Ridge Bonefish line is an incredible step forward for tropical line technology. Utilizing the new Ridge technology and Airflo's Power Core, the Ridge Bonefish line shoots like a rocket and takes the heat like no other.
Core: Power Core
Taper: WF
MSRP: $84.99
Sizes:6 through 9
Color: Sandy Tan for Ridge Tropical and Gull Grey/Sandy Tan for Super Dri Ridge Tropical

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