Airflo Super-DRI™ Bandit

$ 84.99

  • The trout streams of New Zealand are well known for their envy-inducing large trout.  The waters where these famously line-shy fish live are some of the clearest conditions that trout anglers can experience anywhere.  The challenges of these incredible fisheries inspired one of our favorite all-purpose trout lines in our catalog:  The Super-Dri Bandit.
  • By combining an all-purpose taper design with an added extra long rear taper, we developed quite possibly the most versatile trout line.  The unique camo color pattern makes the line blend in to the background from the fish’s view.
  • Available in sizes 4wt to 8wt, this series covers any size stream and trout.  The all-purpose front taper design and long rear taper design offer maximum versatility for presenting to skittish trout at all distances.

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