OHERO 100% Fluorocarbon Leader 200 YDS 10-40lb available

$ 41.95

Get ready for the best leader on the market!

Ohero fluorocarbon leader is ideal for both fresh and salt water applications. It has superior knot strength, incredible abrasion resistance and offers virtual invisibility in water, which makes it perfect for going after all species of fish. Ohero has one of a kind unique line management system; each spool is wrapped with a band of Velcro that keeps your spool tangle free. Don't miss out on the angler advantage you get by using fluorocarbon leader. The fish will never see you coming!


  • Has a refractive index of 1.42, close to that of water's (1.33).
  • Will not absorb water.
  • Sinks faster than monofilament. Highly specific gravity (1.78).
  • Available in 50 yards, 200 yards, and now 25 yards compact spool.
Technical Data
Lb. TestDiameter (mm)Model/Price
  200 Yards
10 0.27 FC10C200 $41.95
15 0.35 FC15C200 $44.95
20 0.41 FC20C200 $48.95
25 0.45 FC25C200 $53.95
30 0.49 FC30C200 $68.95

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