Jim Teeny Fly Lines T-Series 130,200,300,400

$ 74.00

Our original integrated T-Series lines were first produced in 1983 and have been the #1 sinking type fly line in the world.  All sizes have a 24 foot fast sinking head with 66 feet of floating line, one piece from the factory.  Our HPC puts Teeny fly lines in a class of their own.  Match line size to fly rod for peak performance.  No other lines will out-perform Teeny sinking lines.tSeriesProfile


  • Rod Size 4-6 Approx. 4 IPS

  • T-200

    Rod Size 6-8 Approx. 5.5 IPS

  • T-300

    Rod Size 7-10 Approx. 6.5 IPS

  • T-400

    Rod Size 8-12 Approx. 8 IPS

  • T-500

    Rod Size 9-12 Approx. 9 IPS

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