Testing the New Pola Candies with Mike and Ritch February 15 2016

Blk Purple Polla Candy


Went out testing the new flies that we will be listing in the near future. Still tweaking a little.  They are the Pola Candy.  They will be tied in 6 or 7 color combinations.  This one is the Black and Purple.  This fly uses a new material that we will also be stocking from now on called Pola Fiber Brushes.  You will not believe what these things look like in the water.  These are a couple of fish we tried them out on the other day.  Keep checking with us for them.  We have a small stock of them at the baithouse now, but working on more in the future.  Still getting the new brushes in also.  Slow in coming but Fishient products has never been easy to get!