April Freshwater Scene 2019 April 01 2019


Fishing Forecast

South West Florida Freshwater Scene for April 2019

 By:  Capt Roan zumFelde. 

March Fishing has been excellent for most of the month.  Warmer than usual temps, except for a brief cold spell has charged all the fish up early this year. April looks like it is going to be warm and the fishing should continue to stay strong.  Bedding will continue and good catches on all our waters should continue.  Water in the Glades has been staying up a little more than usual for this time of the year but the fish are still hitting well in all the canals.  New update for all the fisherman we are starting a new Vlog at IPO and MBH  The Video Blog will come out weekly and be posted on You Tube and on Coastal Angler website along with our website.  It will be a short two minute rundown on our weekly fishing conditions in the Naples Marco and Everglades waters. 

Lake Okeechobee fishing in March was excellent.  Great numbers of small fish and many large ones caught on both shiners and artificial. April should continue strong and steady for both Shiner fisherman and artificial.  Sounds as if, they are going to draw the water down to below 10 feet in the lake.  Please be careful running at this level you are going to find some hidden problems for your lower units on our outboards. 

Trafford Fishing I think I am going to stop giving Trafford reports because it never seems to help since the lake conditions change so quickly.  Every time I think I know what is happening or I fish two consecutive days it seems the fish are never doing the same thing. Anyhow Bluegill Fishing seems to keep steady and strong and should be even better in April.

For the Everglades Canals If you are going to canal fish this is definitely the best month for it. Warmer water and lower water mean more fish and more kinds of fish.  Good numbers of peacock bass are showing also.

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