July Freshwater Scene for South West Florida July 07 2017

Summer JULY, stay inside and soak up the A/C. July and August are two tough months for freshwater fishing in this part of the world. Not impossible but tough with high water and heat and just an overall lack of enthusiasm with both the fish and the fisherman. Anyhow here is my best shot for South West Florida.

Lake Okeechobee water levels should be returning to normal. The fish should be in the heavy areas of cover in the deepest water. Most of the lake is fairly shallow but if you find good cover in deeper than usual water, flipping and pitching this cover with creature baits should work well. Fly Fishing in open water where there is light vegetation might work if you can find any schooling bass. Keep your eyes peeled that might tell you were they are.

Trafford Fishing is still only fair. With higher water you can reach back further and there should be some good activity in the most dense cover areas. I would suggest getting live shiners and slow trolling them behind the boat while you are casting top waters early and then worming any heavy cover you find with some water over it. Fly fishing for shell crackers if you can find the beds should be productive, wooly worms or san-juan worms will work but you have to find the spawning beds.

The Everglades Canals are going to be difficult. High water sends the fish deep into cover areas and out on the marshes. Not impossible to catch fish here, just do not expect to be putting the 100 and 200 fish days together. Good days would be 25 to 50 fish and you are going to have to work tight to any structure and cover. Early Morning is your best shot. Interceptor early would be a good canal to try. Golden Gate canal around any of the water structures should also produce snook, tarpon, and bass.

Come visit Mike and me at Mike’s Bait house and Indian Pass Outfitters on Danford Street, next to Bayview Park in Naples and we can talk fishing. We carry a full line of tackle including: fly fishing needs and both saltwater and freshwater gear, food, drink, and bait. Thanks and good fishing. Roan z

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