New Dolphin Delights are not Just for Dolphin July 07 2017

Dolphin Delights  This is July's Fly of the month for IPO and Mike's Baithouse.  This fly is great for just about ever fish that swims and eats baitfish.  Tied with lots of flash and SF blend synthetic that sheds water and is easy to cast for a big fly.  We fish this fly offshore and inshore and I even fish it on schooling bass in the freshwater.  I tie this fly in Two sizes a 2/0 and a 4/0 but can tie it as big as a 6/0 and down to a #2.  I also like to tie it weighted on an 45 Degree Jig Hook for deeper fish and passes with lots of tide.  Come check them out at the shop or contact us for an order.