South West Florida Freshwater Scene for April 2018 April 09 2018

South West Florida Freshwater Scene for April 2018

By: Capt Roan zumFelde.

Fresh water fishing in South West Florida has been excellent most of the month of March and looks as if it will continue great right into April. I would expect continued success on both artificial and live bait on all our waters. The canals should be crushing all this month. I would small water fishing around Naples in the canals and ponds to really pick up. Small Topwater plugs like the Heddon Tiny Torpedo should crush them and they are fun to watch. Come check them out at the shop.

Lake Okeechobee fishing in March has been just beyond words for most bass anglers. Great numbers off small fish and many large ones caught on both shiners and artificials. Although from most reports I have heard that the bigger fish have been caught mainly on the artificial not the shiners. All ends of the lake have been producing and it looks like April should be world class. Winds should calm some in April which will make running the lake a little safer and more comfortable.

Trafford Fishing has been on a high for the first couple of weeks of March. The crappie fishing has been excellent and the bass fishing has been really good also. Bass on Trafford can be tough at times but March reports say they have been crushing it most days. Now for April let us hope things stay the same or even get better. My guess is that crappie will get tougher to catch but the bass might even get better. That is if water levels stay relatively constant and heat levels stay low. If these stay the norm then fishing should be great. Still your best bets are shiners trolled behind the boat as you cast worms or top-water plugs, ahead of the boat. There might be some early school fish so keep your eyes scanning the water for explosions.  

For the Everglades Canals This is one of the best months for canal fishing in the Glades. Bass will still be burning it up and the Cichlids that made it through this year’s freezes should be on full seek and destroy mode. So far not see much in the way of peacock bass but there are some mayans showing up and plenty of oscars. Bass in the canals along Hwy- 27 and the Alley are just pulverizing poppers. Catching them on two specific poppers so far, the Trail Hopper and the Wiggle Minnow, both are available at the shop.  

Come visit Mike and me at Mike’s Bait house and Indian Pass Outfitters on Danford Street, next to Bayview Park in Naples and we can talk fishing. We carry a full line of tackle including: fly rods from Echo and Fly Reels from Galvan all fishing needs for both saltwater and freshwater, great food and drinks, and bait. Thanks and good fishing. Roan z