South West Florida Freshwater Scene for March March 15 2018

March is here and everyone will be looking for bedding bass this month on the lakes. This is one of the best months to fish for bass in South West Florida so everyone should be out having some fun. Cichlid populations took a big hit this year with all the cold weather so bass fishing should be red hot in all the canals.

Lake Okeechobee should be on fire this month. Bedding Bass around the new moon and full moon will hold much of the attention of anglers looking for a trophy largemouth. The whole lake should be filled with hungry bass either going into spawn or coming off the spawn it should be a bass bonanza. Check the sparse grass beds that border heavier areas of Hydrilla for cruising fish looking to eat just about anything. Top water baits like Pop-R’s and the like should turn these fish on and bring them from some distance due to their commotion on top of the water. If you are fishing for bedding fish please practice catch and release take a quick picture and let her go quickly and gently most will go right back to their spawning beds.

Trafford fishing will be interesting. This is usually one of the best months to fish this lake for large bass. Water levels will be low and the fish will have to leave some of their protective cover which should make them a little more accessible. That being said fishing on Trafford so far this year has been really slow most of the time. Crappie has been very good but the bass fishing on most days almost non-existent. Trafford has had very hot and cold fishing for bass this year mostly cold with a few scattered good days. I still think top waters will be the best artificial worked early and late in the day. Worming the Cattail edges and of course a trolled shiner would not hurt.

For the Everglades Canals this is the month that everything starts to come into alignment for bass fishing. The canals across I-75 should be excellent for both bass and some cichlids. The Cold winter is over and what is left of the cichlid population should also want to start eating again. I am with a heavy heart that I found on a recent trip to L28 on 41 that it looks as if most of the peacock bass are dead, due to low water temps. Saw many hundreds dead in the canal. L28 is accessible by very small Jon boats and small gheenoe type boats only. They filled in the plugs so the water has to be navigated through the sloughs. This body of water is well to the south almost in homestead so this would lead me to believe that al the cichlid population took a severe hit this year.

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