RZ's Fly Fishing Leaders Bonefish/Permit Leaders 10 Foot and 12 Foot 10Lb.,12Lb.,16Lb. Class Tippet

$ 7.99

Rz's Leaders Bonefish and Permit

10 Feet 10Lb. and 12Lb. and 16Lb. Class Tippet

12 Feet 10Lb. and 12Lb. and 16Lb. Class Tippet

These are made with 100% Maxima Fluorocarbon they have great turnover even in the windiest conditions.  They are hand tied with Blood Knots trimmed close.  Never had a problem with them catching any grass, before you ask. Heavy Butt Section of 35# for generating Good Turnover.  Butt Section has a Perfection Loop at End. 

10 Ft. 10Lb Bonefish Permit Leaders  

10 Ft Leaders


 12 Ft Leaders      




2  Packs of Saltwater Fly Leaders

Naples Fishing - Redfish100 % MAXIMA Fluorocarbon

10 Feet and 12 Feet total leader length

These are the highest quality 100% Fluorocarbon leaders.

Hand Tied with Maxima Fluorocarbon.

Knot connections Blood Knots and Albright with Perfection Loop on the Butt End.

These Leaders are tried and Tested in the South Florida Salt Water Environment.  All fish pictures are from fish caught on Rz's Leaders on Guided fishing trips with Capt. Roan z.


Naples Fishing

Snook Caught on Rz's Leaders.
These leaders were designed for
turning over heavy flies and have
superior strength for pulling big fish
out of the Mangroves.

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