Saltwater Shrimp Fly Patterns from UmpQua and Fly H20 Best Available Redfish, Trout, Bonefish

$ 3.50

Assorted  Redfish,  Sea Trout, Bonefish, and Sheepshead  Shrimp/Crab Fly patterns available. Choose color and Size for all flies.

 Redfish Toad Size 2 in Copper and Olive  Great Redfish Fly all conditions Great for Cruisers and Tailers Also excellent in Stained water very visable

Bone Toad Size 4 White/Orange and Olive  Great bonefish Fly and is also excellent for Redfish, Sea Trout and Sheepshead especially Shepshead.

Red Bud Size 2 Orange Picture does not do this fly justice. Great pattern for Redfish and Sea Trout but have caught everything on it. Great winter pattern.

Shrimp Cocktail Size 6 Do not let the size fool you Great Redfish , Bonefish and awesome Sheepshead pattern Really moves on bottom.

Polar Crab/Shrimp  Size 4 This is one of my all time favorites for everything that swims in the shallows.  Redfish, Bonefish, Sea Trout, Sheephead, Even a Snook Great Fly

Tasty Crab/Shrimp Size 6 Again do not let the size fool you I fish this when the fish are highly pressured love it in the smaller size.

Shrimp Deluxe Size 2 Bonefish in Bonefish and Permit in Biscane Bay Redfish Everywhere Seatrout You name this fly catches it.

Boneyard Shrimp Size 2 See above!!!

Twisted Kwan Size 2 This is Curtis Grants take on the original Kwan Fly works great on all Species Especially large Redfish and Bonefish.

Big Bone Gal Size 4 Name applies big Bonefish in Keys Redfish anywhere Trout, Snook, Ladyfish, Jacks, Throw this along the mangrove and hold on.

Tailer Made Size 4 Excellent all around shrimp pattern great for Redfish and Bonefish but have caught large numbers of Trout sinks fast.

Fiddler in the Grass Size 2 If I had one Sheepshead Fly this might be it!  Also great on tailing fish light enough to land quiet love the gold flash as it falls.

Redfish Raition Size 2 Great prospecting pattern when you are working a shoreline or throwing in holes have caught Redfish, Bonefish, Trout, Snook, and Tarpon on this one.

Prismatic Shrimp White and Tan Size 2 I have never been a fan of shrimp patterns that look like shrimp except this one.  It falls funny looks funny wiggles funny but they eat it  Do not ask me why I guess it is the legs.  Two best colors are offered.


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